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STORES's Chinese Antiques Warehouse is an Internet Based Store specialized in Chinese Arts- & Antiques  in Bantam/Litchfield, CT. Established in 1997 we are serving  Customers in all US States. Please check our  Web Pages below where you will find thousands of fine antiques and reproductions.

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FuDog China Warehouse
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As a professional Source of Chinese Antique Furniture in Mainland China, we specialize in Ming and Qing Dynasty Furniture- and its Reproductions. Besides offering Antique Furniture, we also carry one of a kind Statues, Porcelains, and beautiful Silk Items to further beautify your Home adding that extra touch of Eastern Beauty. Our Nationwide Networking Team is able to recover, collect, repair and restore Antique Furniture from all over the China.
Our highly skilled and experienced Craftsmen are able to select the most precious and rare Pieces and restore them by using the ancient Tenon-Mortise technology. No effort is spared in our pursuit of producing top quality Furniture whether an Antique- or a Reproduction . Once the Pieces are carefully restored and inspected, they are then housed in sophisticated Facilities used to properly control the moisture of the wood. When a piece of our furniture is ready to leave, only the most appropriate Materials are used to package the Pieces to protect the Furniture against any possible damage during Transit.

Take a minute or a few hours browsing our virtual online catalogue where we only provide the most eye pleasing Furniture so that you can enjoy them all year round. Concerned Customers are welcomed and encouraged to visit our showroom in Bantam, CT and/or factory in Zhuhai China to directly feel, touch, and see our lovely Furniture.

For information (Prices and Delivery) on any of FuDog's Items, sales@CulturalLiving.com

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Custom Build Furniture:
In addition to our Antiques' Selection we also offer Custom Made Furniture.
Please feel free to ask for information about Custom Build Furniture, we can build any type or size piece you may need.

is also sourcing Chinese Antiques in China. Just provide us with some basic information on any item you are looking for and we will find it in China. We then will send you pictures and a detailed report on the item by email along with the cost in US Dollars. Culturalliving will handle the shipping, import, documents and deliver the piece(s) to your address. This will usually take 2-3 months from date of order. There will be no fee or extra cost to you for this service.
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FuDog China Warehouse

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Chinese Symbolism | Traditional Chinese Furniture | The Chinese Dynasties | About the Wood | Our Finishes | Travel Pictures
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